Demetry Arvanitus "Warchild"

The Bloodchief of Kataiga


Battlemaster Fighter


Demetry Arvanitus is the Bloodchief of Kataiga. Demetry is regarded as the strongest warrior in Kataiga’s history right behind the legend, Prog Tr├ísif the Bloody. Demetry has single handedly defeated every challenger that has stood before him to fight for the throne. Demetry, before becoming the Bloodchief, was known as Warchild. He was born on the battlefield where he survived from infancy by drinking the blood of fallen enemies during the war within the Redfield of Trayas. It is suspected that he made a pact with a stranger at a crossroads and was gifted by this stranger. The blood of his enemies satiates his hunger and thirst.

Demetry Arvanitus "Warchild"

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