Chun-tae Han

Spartes Monk of the Desert Wind


Female Spartes
Elemental Monk / Swordsage of the Desert Wind


Shortly before she came of age her grandmother passed and left Chun-tae with her house pendant. Wanting to honor her grandmother’s memory, Chun-tae decided to travel to the moon elf capital to train as an Elemental Monk.

When she arrived in Trylon she sought an audience with Zaito Treehand, showing him her house pendant. She was allowed to become a monk and was quickly introduced to Mi-jung Pak. Mi-jung taught Chun-tae for several years in the ways of elemental style. While she was training, she got to know Mi-jung’s son Moon-sik, a young moon elf sorcerer. They became fast friends in a time when neither of them had anyone else to turn to.

After completing her training, Chun-tae left on her pilgrimage trying to learn about the world. She returned home briefly to share the news with her father and discuss how she could best bring balance to the world. He suggested that she head north to help resolve the conflict in Sapphire Port.

Chun-tae Han

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