Charles Thomson

The Astral Scribe


Male Human
Divination Wizard / Bard of Lore


Roughly 200 years ago this human was born. Charles was of noble blood, but studied under the great minds of the Phoenix Elves. Dabbling in the blood shed filled history of the Spartes, the engineering of humanity, and the magics of the Pheonix Elves. He was one of the first students of the High Magus College in Lunastia. Charles was a child prodigy and during an awkward experimentation during his thesis, he was warped into the Astral Plane. There he met a young Fellian merc who learned a great deal from Charles Thomson and as that Merc traveled back to the Material Plane, Charles stayed to study the Astral Seas. He frequents a Gith Tavern in the Port of Margthuun.

Charles Thomson

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