Althaea Waylock

Eldest Sister of the Waylock Crime Family


Female Moonelf
Pirate Captain
Warlock ???


A very important member of the underground Waylock crime family. She is the commodore of the Waylock Pirate Fleet and her flag ship is the Sanguine Heiress.

The Waylock Crime Family operates out of the Lunastia Confederacy. Noxmarus Waylock was integral to the establishment of the Confederacy, however, his crime and power required a hand on the high seas. His Eldest daughter offered to lead the fleet and became an incredibly cold and merciless master of the high seas. It is said that she even killed her own youngest brother. The main “prizes” that she targets is the capture of slave ships, illicit contraband, and building materials. She returns the swag to the Waylock Estate where it is then distributed to new buyers.

Althaea Waylock

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