Aiko Flashbranch

Ex-Queen of the Phoenix Collective


Female Phoenix Elf
Noble Divination Wizard


Aiko Firewind is the married queen of the Phoenix Collective. She married into the House of Firewind. Formally Aiko Flashbranch, she was the daughter of the Shogun Tashiaki Flashbranch, the Seal Keeper of the Phoenix Collective. Aiko married King Leilon Firewind when he was a prince. They grew to love each other and happily rule as a unified force. It is said that Aiko is actually the more vivacious and often more hostile than her husband, but his stoic personality makes them a danger adversary. She is usually behind the large events that occur within the collective and has no problem telling someone a piece of her mind, which has made her a few enemies.

Aiko Flashbranch

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