Unlimited Power

The Final Hour

Traveling to Ecole De Supremetie, in the capital of the Kingdom of Oraculum, the party finds themselves in the basement of a vast castle. The party tries to decide what action to take next, when a top student leaves his classroom early in order to arrive at his next course on time.

Morthos ├ćnkia tackles the young student and interrogates him. Before any important information is revealed, the bell hums and the students are released from class. The students stumble upon the party and this student who has now been disrobed and is suffering from psychotropic influences. The students are unsure as what to do. As Morthos goes to grab this poor student, an arc of lighting fires from across the hall and strikes at Morthos, Malak De Valore. Lefty barely avoids being struck by this chain of lightning. The party noticed the spells origin, a teacher of the arcane arts here at this school of magic. Professor Enzo.

Before it becomes an all out battle, Lefty calms the situation and convinces Enzo to hear them out. Professor Enzo, after hearing their story, leads them to the current teacher of planar magics who specializes in the elemental planes. Professor Razarus.

Professor Razarus is uncovered to be Half Tygerus, and Half Rhakshasa. After speaking with another professor, the party sits down with Professor Razarus and explains why they have come all this way. The party says that they have come to stop a doomsday machine. A machine that would plunge the world into eternal darkness and could cause the Material and Shadowfell to collide and become stitches together and destroy both.

Razarus agrees to help the party meet with Professor De Sand who is working on a mysterious device. Professor De Sand is known for his understand of planar magics and his study of the shadowfell. The party spends many hours trying to convince Professor De Sand that his device will not yield the results he expects. The machine was designed to created a free umbrella of power to encompass all of the Kingdom of Oraculum. He theorized that, because the Shadowfell is parallel with the Material plane, he would be able to syphon this untapped source of endless power and project it as a field across the kingdom. If it worked, it would supply the area and maybe one day the world with energy never before understood.

Eventually Professor De Sand makes a deal with the characters. He will preform is experiment on a smaller scale. If it works, he will go along with his work and the players will be dealt with. If it fails, this glass globe will be destroyed, and no harm done.

As this project can not be done on a smaller scale, the fact that the Shadowfell is actually perpendicular to the Material plane, that his math was rushed, and that he was sure of himself; he was sundered by the shattered of the glass orb. Just like the orb, he also was cut in twain. Having been killed, this means Professor Razarus will now be the Archmage of Ecole de Supremetie.

Razarus sent the machine to the Sea of Fire in the Plane of Fire, and the collected most of the paper to dispose of any evidence. This way it could never be attempted again.

The party will stay with the school until the investigation is over, and afterwards return to their respected homes. To close the cover on this final chapter of their adventurers.




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