To the Shadowfell

A City Left in Flames

The party reconvened within the underdark on the outskirts of a large Mind Flayer enclave. They stealthed in with little difficulty by using the Pass Without a Trace compliments of their Ranger. The Rogue and Warlock teammed up and incinerated the Brain in the center of the enclave, destroying the communication between them and then setting the onlooker aflame with a Fireball. The Spellslinger swiftly destroyed their praised statue and the party slipped away into the depths. After a few miles of traversing the subterranean passage they came across Tragdelve. Tragdelve is a Crag Dwarven trading community (seperate from the other one on the far side of the planet), and with the help of a Crag Dwarven Rune Priest, they were teleported somewhere randomly in the Shadowfell. This put them in the center of Sangrala, the central vampiric city of the dominion ruled by the Lord of Madness known as Lord Zendion. With some humble talking they convinced the mighty lord to allow them passage this one time, but should they ever return, Lord Zendion said their lives would be, “open season”. The party hopped onto a carriage and away they went towards Succuden.



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