The Path of the Stolen Earth

Fortified Position

The party awoke after a restful night sleep and convening with the Gold Masks in the basement of the Siren Song Tavern.

The party went to the South Western section of the city across the street from the Temple of Ensatus. They were told that they needed to acquire supplies to detonate the bridge that spans from the city to the keep.

Realizing that there was no way the party would be able to enter through the front due to the guards presence across the street they altered there path and went around back. Malak De Valore and Morthos ├ćnkia stood guard out front while the rest of the party attempted to pass into the backyard.

There was a spell trap that the party couldn’t seem to resist. As they passed over the property lines they were hit by magical sleep that seemed to put most of them out. Iliphar Chromolux was able to resist and assisted his allies by waking them when they passed out. After overcoming that obstacle, without investigating the door thoroughly, Olaphine set off an electrical spell trap that was inscribed on the door handle and was thrown across the yard.

After getting this all sorted, the party finally entered the building. They came across many different alchemical equipment and apparatuses that Caliban would use in his practices. The party found the supplies they needed and delved into the basement of the complex.

A barrier of light trapped the majority of the party and a large demon surprised them, who attempted to devour each of them. The party fought nobly and were saved at the final hour by the paladin and gunslinger. They were able to discern how to break the barrier and effectively assisted their allies.



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