The Black Sands

Finding the Bone Hills

The lords of Madness, Salleek, Morkeis, Zendion, and The Dread Emperor, High Grim Octavian Vesmarias sat in council beneath The Tower. The party made themselves known and were greeted rather kindly by these beings of immense power.

It was explained that they were holding council to discuss the issue that the Kingdom of Oraculus were now presenting. The Mystic Dwarves and their kingdom intend on plunging the world into the Plane of Shadow. The ruling powers of the Plane of Shadow cannot allow this. As a parallel plane, the colliding of these two would spell the end of the Plane of Shadow’s independence, and the annihilation of the Material Plane and it’s inhabitants. They cannot coincide, so this doomsday plan cannot come to pass.

The Lords of Madness explain that they came to discuss a partnership to resolve this issue, however the Neo-Prophetus does not have a team strong enough to combat this threat. It was fortunate that party appeared and will be their harbingers.

The party has accepted the mission of crossing the Black Sands of the Shadowfell due North East in order to find the Bone Hills. Beneath that complex awaits a being of immense power who should have more information, and may be able to aid the party in discovering the Kingdom of Oraculus’s capabilities.

The party left the guild catacombs and made their way over the harsh and desolate landscape under the cover of eternal night and found the Bone Hills with minor difficulty. A three day trek.

The Bone Hills is truthfully one hill of a small cluster and has a village that rests upon the top. A village that doesn’t reflect a familiar time or place. It’s remnants are those undocumented and forgotten to the pages of time and space. However, one thing that doesn’t rest well here, is the dead. The party was forced to combat 50 skeletal guard and dragon of shadow. The party lost their ally Marvin Gates and nearly lost their member Lefty. The mighty breath of the dragon felled these two in a single blast, and only by a bottle of blood was Lefty saved.

Lefty, having drunk the Blood Wine of Meldova is now of the undead and is a vampire. He was able to cheat this death, only to now walk among the fallen. However, this is not the time to solve his curse. They must enter the temple, and traverse it’s depths. They must find…

Lectan Nightroad.



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