Temple of Ensatus

Crowd Pleaser

The party awoke and planned to infiltrate the Temple of Ensatus. From Morthos Ænkia’s infiltration of Hook Hand Prison, they learned that a sanctified tea is transported from the Temple to the Prison. This tea is delivered to the warden daily, once at dawn, and once at dusk. The party decided to do some shopping and near dusk they would lay in wait.

Iliphar Chromolux and Olaphine planted themselves East of the church and waited to see the procession that would leave from the church in the center of town and head to the North Eastern section of the city. They saw the procession leave the church and make their way north. While these two laid in wait, the rest of the party got their hands dirty.

Morthos Ænkia and Lefty entered the Temple. Morthos stayed near the front doors and kept his eyes on the guards that sat in prayer. Lefty approached the altar at the front and spoke to the High Priest. Lefty, in a round about way, said that we would be interested in joining the church. The High Priest tasked his with the execution of a peasant who sat in prayer. To the High Priest, this would reflect his dedication to the path of blood and war. Lefty stumbled into the priest and proceeded to vomit on him. He attacked a guard, and then all hell broke loose. Morthos executed one of the guards who attempted to intervene and these two party members made a run for it. A large group of guards were in pursuit.

When the procession returned to the church, Iliphar and Olaphine followed them back. These two approached the alter and also said that they were looking to join the church. Olaphine refused to kill the peasant, while Iliphar “with the information received” executed this elderly peasant without mercy. This allowed Iliphar to be led by one of the priests to the undercroft where he would drink said tea and have access to the reserves. While the priest was distracted, Iliphar tainted the supply that would be delivered to the Warden on the morrow.

Elsewhere in the city, the guards continued to chase Morthos and Lefty. They passed into the Colosseum and the guards chased them inside. As the guards attempted to follow them up the cramped stairs, Lefty kicked the lead pursuer down the stairs and this caused all of these full-plate guards to tumble down in succession like dominoes. The crowd, finding this hilarious, allowed these two miscreants to hide among them. Morthos and Lefty laid prone as the crowd disbanded the guards whom found no comedy in the matter. Having failed to obtain the culprits, they left when the crowd refused to reveal them, nor part from the stands.



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