Opening Night

"The Bald Barbarian" and New Allies

The party began there evening in line for the first showing of a new play. The thespians of Bloodstain Keep are putting on a comedy entitled, “The Bald Barbarian”.

On there way into the showing, Oliphine is reverse pickpocketed. She uncovers that a ring had been placed in her pocket against her will. Iliphar and Oliphine survey the attendees and notice that a handful of others are wearing the same ring. They also are equally spread out in the crowd. Each one is dressed in very unremarkable clothes. They also seem to be in a relaxed position and noticeably stoic in their nature. In there efforts to be nonchalant, the party has recognized them.

Act 1: The show begins with a beautiful dance number that introduces a small town that resides outside the Dwarven Mountains. They talk about how they have never seen a dwarf, but that they must be small, and bearded, and brilliant, and bold. The villagers meet a large man with no hair anywhere on his body, not very sharp, but definitely bold. The village is then attacked by a wizard who threatens them. If they don’t pay homage to him they will be transformed into sheep and used for fancy clothing.

Act 2: The Barbarian who knows nothing of the common folk tries to emulate their lives, but has to end up doing it in his own style. Coming to terms with his urban side. He has no concern for the wizard, but begins to care for the village and it’s inhabitants. An intermission takes place as the Barbarian lays down for rest after another long day of building, scrubbing, and generally helping with his titanic strength.

During intermission there was an individual who appeared next to Oliphine. She hadn’t noticed her approach and this seemed a bit disconcerting, but a graceful hand slid from beneath the cloak and it bared a letter. She would later learn this lady’s name is Megumin, a phoenix elf. The parchment of the envelope is adorned in gold leaf and sealed with a wax seal pressed by the silhouette of a mask. Oliphine accepted the letter, the letter detailed a meetup for the Pale Masks within the Siren Song Tavern after the show.

While Intermission is taking place, Iliphar and Nyoko went to the concessions and confronted one of the ring wearers; A portly Spartes named Almin Bushybrow. He spoke with them and disappeared swiftly after. He was able to obtain a lot of information about Iliphar without disclosing much.

Act 3: The barbarian uses the tricks he has learned to over throw the wizard and his henchmen. The play ends in a brilliant dance number that expresses that even though he is an oddity, he persevered and that’s what counts. The barbarian finishes the play and slays the audience with the final line, “Dorgo stay and be wet nurse, milk good for everyone!”

While the party was at the showing, Morthos investigated Hook Hand Prison with the assistance of a young and prideful Obsidian Guard named Korman. Korman bonded with Morthos and seems to aspire to be elsewhere.

The party went to the Siren Song Tavern after the show for the huge after party. Oliphine, Nyoko, and Iliphar were able to sneak downstairs and met with the members of the Gold Masks. The Gold Masks are an aspiring smaller faction of the Pale Masks and want to have a larger representation in the major guild. They agreed to give the party information about the castle, if they say that the Gold Masks assisted them in their mission. Information, for information and respect.

The party spent the rest of the night planning their attack on the Crimson Scourge.

Sidenote: Elsewhere in town, Morthos ├ćnkia uncovers that he is being tracked by an old member of his unit. Morthos is set on finding this guy first, and settling the score.



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