Return to Black Anchor

Lords of Madness

The party made their way by ship to the port of Black Anchor. The days at sea were rather uneventful. They arrive to find that the keep on the hill, that overlooked the city, has disappeared. To their surprise, the townsfolk report that it was gone in two nights. Not a sound, just seemingly disassembled.

Olaphine spent her time looking over Black Anchor in ways that only masterful rogues know how. Through her eyes she was able to determine notes left behind by others.

Malak De Valore spent most of his time in the company of Kane Forgekin. Malak spent a fair amount of coin at his establishment “Leviathon Teeth Arms” and is prepared for his next great engagement on the fields of battle.

The party eventually reconvened at the tavern and met a pair of archeologists. Well, sort of. One of these men is a Professor of Anthrology and is in Black Anchor to study the efforts of the Moon Rats. The other is an infamous author and self-proclaimed man of field research, “NAME”. They want to hire the adventurers to help them explore the temple that the Moon Rats once inhabited, and if they are still within their hive like village beneath Black Anchor.

The party agrees to this and makes there way South. While exploring the temple and subsequent caves, they found this hive city, but not a single Moon Rat remained. It was like they had been taken without a fight. That is when things became odd, and there were signs that indicated something terrible wrong was casting itself over Black Anchor.

The party backtracked out of the caverns and were attacked by two bat like devils. The party then comes to realize that the city of Black Anchor now rests within the Plane of Shadow. If they want answers they would have to make their way to The Tower, the base of the Neo-Prophetus guild, and its new leader, The Dread Emperor.

Entering the tower they find the place unguarded. Deep underneath the tower lay catacombs, and where the entire guild has met. Being led by their old ally Marvin Gates, they find the guild arranged in a large hall encompassing a large dark wood table. At the head of the table sat Octavian Vesmarias, and around his sat Lords of Madness, Lord Salleek, Lord Morkeis, and Lord Zendion.

Whatever was transpiring here, the party knew they had just entered a situation that was far out of their depth.



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