An Old Vet and a Strange Cat

The party had been teleported just south of Bloodstain Keep and they made their way north through the tropical jungle. They dispatched a few guards that were patrolling and Malak De Valore collected a set of armor from one of them.

They continued their approach from the south and arrived at a broken down cottage. They spent a while discussing their next course of action. They could approach from the south and try to scale the rock face, scale the castle, and attempt to infiltrate that way. They also thought about trying to con their way in through the front door. With no solid plan, they realized they had been followed. It turns out that Nyoko had missed the meeting times by moments, but was able to catch up with the help of Thomas Danton. The party met this new ally and journied NW together. They discovered a Lighthouse nearby and they thought this would be a good place to get information, or stage a distraction.

The party met the man who lived there. A venerable old spartes whom was also a veteran of the Fields of Trayas. He seemed a bit prejudice, but the party made do. After some player antics and the sabotage of the light by Iliphar Chromolux, the party left the old man in peace. Unbenounced to the party, Iliphar had taken the man’s walking stick and the man fell down the stairs to his untimely death.

The veteran had moved to Bloodstain Keep to live with a human woman whom he had fallen in love with. She died many years ago, but left him the lighthouse. He had taken care of it every since. Recently he had made friends with a cat and this cat was more than the party could have guessed.

After the death of the owner the party made their way back to the cottage and tried to make a new plan. The cat eventually found their camp and is now in the car of Jonathon Brisbane. Captain Brisbane convinced the crew that it would probably be best if the party explored the town north of the castle. It would give them more information that would help them form a plan.

The party entered the town, explored many facets of it, and have decided to go to a play. What sort of information will they uncover in the section of the city dedicated to the theater?



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