Into the Bone Hills

New Adventurers, Old Characters

Journeying into the echo of the village, delving deep into the heart of this abandoned temple to a mysterious, and unheard of, god of death; and passing through riddles and puzzles, the party arrived to a very humble wooden door.

Entering this place, the players meet Lectan Nightroad. Lectan describes his position in Amani, what he is doing here in Merovia, his abilities of traveling to different planes and opens the players up to the information that Merovia is merely one “book” in a library. Just as some can travel to different planes “chapters”, Lectan can travel to different realms “books”.

Lectan says that he is not able to lend a hand directly to the players because he is not actually of this realm, but he can at least set them in the right dirrection. He offers to teleport them to the Ecole de Supremetie in Almeox in order to avoid a year long travel over the world. The party accepts and prepares for their trip.



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