Fall of Bloodstain Keep

Battle of the Baddest

We resume this session from where we left off last time.

It was apparent that there was a large explosion towards town, and suddenly the bridge connecting the keep to the town was also destroyed. These explosions had surprised the Lord Sable Coalbite, whom now, determined to find answers , was now on his way towards the gates of the keep with Olaphine in tow.

In the North Eastern tower, the majority of the guards had been dosed with the tainted fortified wine. This left most of them delusional and confused. The party left Lefty there as they went to the main courtyard to begin the real assault.

As Lefty continued to drink he was surprised to see Caliban enter the door way and begin to heal all of the guards. After the revitalizing smoke was released, Lefty sprang across the room. Lefty rolled and appeared behind Caliban and let loose a blast from his fiery elixir. This caused the fortified spirit to ignite and created a huge explosion that killed the guards within and flung the two combatants out of the room and into the hallway, where their battle began.

In the courtyard, Iliphar Chromolux, Morthos ├ćnkia, and Nyoko began fighting the guards. Iliphar had released a large fire elemental that aided them in their efforts. Shrouded in darkness, the illusive ranger who had brought Morthos down a few sessions ago, fired once again. He pierced Morthos and caused him to drop his gun. Morthos crossed the courtyard with the help of his hound and executed the hunter, once and for all. Another name to strike off Morthos’s list.

The rest of the party made their way up to support Lefty in his fight with Caliban. Unknown to everyone else, Caliban had drank an elixir which transformed him into a might Djinn. This made it impossible for the lord to recognize his ally and he too attacked with righteous fury.

Before the party and the lord could deliver the final blow, the Djinn phased away into another plane of existence and was gone. The king, now without support, was flanked by our party on all sides and was swiftly dispatched.

Morthos, after his success went to the edge of the bridge, raised the head of the king to the crowd of onlookers, and called that his evil reign had finally ended.



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