Bloodstain Keep Infiltrated

Dinner and Show

The sun that rose on that day made it’s self known in the early hours with a red and pink hue. The tropical breeze was calm. The gulls took flight over the shallow shores and dove into the sea for their morning’s feast. Like many days this far south, the beautiful sky that faded from night to day granted a look at pallid blue that complemented the color of the great oceans. In 50 years, the power of the Crimson Scourge had never been this close to it’s zenith. As night to day, this regime will also pass.

They had each awoke in their chambers at Tomias’s Inn. As per the letter that Teza Moonweave sent, a chariot would arrive at Sunset to this Inn. Olaphine had come all this way to explore the south and dearly wished to make an acquaintance with this powerful lord of the south. Or so she said. Her and her allies knew the truth, this was their way in to infiltrate the castle and complete the task set before them.

Each of them in leisure made their way downstairs to a very humbling banquet that had been laid out before you. It seems the owner had learned of Olaphine’s noble alias, and wished to leave a lasting impression. One honest and humbled entrepreneur in a land of thieves.

The owner, Tomias is a Spartes, but noticeably leaner and masterfully bearded. His auburn beard is braided and falls parallel to his apron’s descending neck strap. He prepared roasted tomatoes, poached eggs, a pork belly fillet, a tray of sweet rolls, and a fruit salad of pineapple, orange, apple, and peach. Fresh water and tea have also been set around the table at convenient intervals. He didn’t charge them, and without ever meeting their gazes, humbly thanked her for choosing his inn.

Daily Preparations for the night at the castle.

The sun began to descend and blues turn to purples and oranges. The sun, a brilliant miasma of yellow passed to allow the rise of the moon and it’s cloak of shadow. On queue the sound of a chariot could be heard clopping up to the inn. Out of the window you could see two chariots. The lacquered finish of the chariot’s forced the sun’s rays to glare off and cascade the surroundings in it’s gleam. The chariots are driven by two similar men in stature and temperament whom each commanded 4 black horses each. They pull the chariots around and line up single file at the front of the inn. When in place, they wait.

These chariots led the party to the keep and a squad of guards led them to their quarters.

Within the quarters they uncovered sending stones that were sending their conversations to some unknown voyeur.

The party attended the dinner as per request and sat in the presence of Sable Coalbite who sat beside Caliban.. They ate a very bountiful feast that was set before them and drank from the Lord’s reserves. When the dinner was conclude Olaphine was invited by the lord to go on a tour of the castle’s ramparts. Olaphine took this as an opportunity and went along.

The rest of the party got up to their own hi-jinx. The party was acquainted with a few of the guards and learned of a poker night being held in the North Eastern tower. The party went up there with casks of wine that they had tainted with psychotropic mushrooms gifted to Iliphar Chromolux by druids in Sapphire Port.

Olaphine and Sable Coalbite were on the eastern tower at the end of this session overlooking the city when there was a large explosion in town. An explosion, unbeknownst to the lord, was put into play via the party’s collaboration with the Gold Masks. Olaphine convinced the lord that she was just as surprised and that she wanted him to protect her. Falling for this lie, the lord was determined to find out the cause of all the ruckus.



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