A Failed Delivery

Riding Bears and Blowing Up Ships

The next morning they left swiftly accompanied by a female Ice Naga escort, and 4 Ice Naga soldiers who were guarding a transporting the Glasssteel chest.

On their way the party encountered a pack of 3 Polar Bears. The most impressive moment of the fight is when the Lupin Blood Sorcerer jumped on one of the Polar Bear’s back and used two silver daggers and ripped it’s head off.


After the encounter they moved on and arrived at the ship. They boarded and came to find that the ship was crewed and led by Dorians. A few Ice Naga were aboard too to ensure the safety of the chest. A few days pass on the ship uneventfully when all of a sudden they are attacked by a Junk Warship. It was part of the pirate fleet known as the Sanguine Heiress.

The fight began, using fire they lit the enemy ship ablaze and slaughtered everyone on it. Some remarkable actions were when the T’sulo Ragnar took a dead Dorian crew member, filled it with gunpowder and threw it at the burning enemy ship causing major damage, as well as the Tenebris Ignis using a concussive spell to crush the ship’s walls and weakening structure. As the enemy ship sank, in the after math, All 10 enemy pirates, 5 Dorians and the Dorian Captain died.

There was morning for the Captain by the Dorians, but the part didn’t seem to care… The Lupin Blood Sorcerer is racist against Dorians.

The days pasted and at the end of their week and a half sailing, they were just arriving to Sapphire Port when the Ice Naga guards below deck made a commotion. It seems that the Ice Nagas killed one of their men because that Naga had failed to notice that the chest had been stolen right out from under their nose.

As the mystery ran rampant, in the end, since it was the Tenebris Ignis’s task, he called it all off and the trail ran cold.

The part took to the streets and the taverns of Sapphire Port and ended within a Bar called the “Pearl Smile” where Arwan Waylock (Disguised as a Sun Elf named Ost Rolan) made contact with Thomas Danton.



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