Avian Lord, The Swift
Demigod (Mortal)
Symbol: A White Tornado
Home Plane: Was the plane of Air, now stuck on the mortal plane.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Birds, Harpies, the Winds of the World
Worshipers: Privateers, Delivery personnel, and Cloud Giants
Domains: Air
Favored Weapon: Longbow

Velox is the patron deity for birds and the winds of nature.

During the current timeline, Velox went personally to investigate the death of hundreds of Cloud Giants, on arrival and unknown event occurred. It is suspected some powerful mortal wielding a powerful weapon cut Velox down and transubstantiated him. Forcing him to become mortal and left him their in the Fortress of the Clouds. Slain by a mindflayer in the underdark while trying to find the being who transubstatiated him. The beta party led him to this fate.

More than a decade later, his body was recovered in the underdark, but an unlikely warrior. After returning to his people’s city and avenging his clan; Tazar made a vow to clear out the underdark of all the wickedness hidden WIP

Clergy & Temples
Small shrines within villages located on the plains are often built to encourage smooth weather. There is a place hidden in the East that is called the Shrine of Storms. It is said to house the mighty divine “Sword of Storms”. This blade was a divine creation of Velox and was gifted to the Storm and Cloud Giants.

A common phrase by seafarers and peasants is, “By the winds of Velox”


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