Lepton and Ignis

The Twin Phoenixes
Greater Deities
Symbol: A White Torch
Home Plane: Plane of Fire
Alignment: Good
Portfolio: Phoenix Elves, The Primordial Flames, Rebellious Nature
Worshipers: Phoenix Elves, Those looking to revel against an oppressive tyrant.
Domains: Fire, Glory, Light, Phoenixes, Valor
Favored Weapon: Longsword

Lepton and Ignis are twin phoenixes that are said to have emerged from the primordial flames of the Plane of Fire. They, once a year, fly from the south of Merovia, over the lands of the phoenix elves, and this is called the Naur Merendén or “Festival of Fire”. Lepton is the orange phoenix that represents the will of fire, and Ignis is the deep red phoenix and represents the might of fire.

Clergy & Temples
Phoenix Elven crusaders are the most common clergy. They believe that no one should be enslaved. It is better to die on your feet than live a life on your knees. The temples to the phoenixes are most commonly found within Phoenix Elven cities and atop mountains.

Tenets of the Twins Phoenixes
1. You embody the indomitable will of Fire
2. Heat is Strength
3. Respect fire and it will respect you.

Common sayings referencing the Twin Phoenixes would be.. “By the phoenixes, that is hot!!!” and “Will you promise on your will of fire”.

Lepton and Ignis

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