Earthscorcher, the Molten King


Portfolio: Fire, Earthquakes, Brimstone

Signature Force: Hellfire Elements and Hellfire Tigers

Renown for being the quickest to anger and the quickest to forgive. Chaotic is an understatement; setting individuals ablaze is a blessing, and raining brimstone upon his enemies is his calling card. It is said that the “Spire of Erythra” was a gift from him to Erythra.

Atop his head sits the “Crown of Meteors”, and his sword is known as “Primo Ignem”…

Cult of Zephestes

Goals: Control over the emotions of others, turning them into puppets and playthings.
Typical Cultist: Acolyte, archmage, bandit captain, cult fanatic, cultist, knight, noble, priest, spy.

Signature Spells:
Firebolt (cantrip), charm person (1st level), Suggestion
(2nd level), Fireball (3rd level)

Zephestes is a master manipulator. Mortals who desire power and allow their emotions to fuel their decisions become beloved leaders at the head of a band of fantatics and are drawn to striking bargains with him.
Zephestes grants gifts that allow his cultists to manipulate emotions; they gain increases to Charisma, as well as proficiency with skills such as Persuasion and Intimidation. In addition, cultists can gain the Infernal Loyalty trait. Cult leaders can also gain the Loyalty Beyond Death trait.



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