The Ice Razor, The Uddercold Artificer


Portfolio: Strategy, Ice, Depression

Signature Force: Ice Constructs created in a forge fueled by the souls purchased from Corantus.

Cult of Reyvlen

Goals: Magical skill and power, backed with the will to use it to crush rivals and to dominate systems.
Typical Cultist: Archmage, assassin, cult fanatic, cultist, mage, priest, spy.

Signature Spells:
Frostbite (cantrip), identify (1st level), Ray of Enfeeblement
(2nd level), Wall of Water (3rd level)

As a master of the arcane arts, Reyvlen finds eager recruits among those who study magic. Any monster that uses spells, such as storm giants and oni, might follow him, and wizards’ guilds and conclaves of sages are the most likely to come under his influence.
Reylven grants spellcasting ability to many of his followers. In addition, cultists can gain the spell shield trait. Cult leaders can also gain the Infernal Ring Leader trait.


The party had a small incursion with him while hunting Sevarion [Deceased]


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