Queen of Lies, Mistress of Deception


Portfolio: Lies, Subterfuge, Illusions
Signature Force: Masked Demons that ride Abyssal Displacer beasts.

Currently extremely weakened after the assault by the 1st party.

Cult of E’mara

Goals: Survival and eventual revenge against those who wrong them.
Typical Cultist: Assassin, bandit captain, cult fanatic, cultist, mage, noble, spy, thug

Signature Spells:
Minor Illusion (cantrip), expeditious retreat (1st level), invisibility
(2nd level), gaseous form (3rd level)

E’mara has no cult in the traditional sense. Instead, she offers favors to those who are desperate to escape a seemingly inevitable fate.
E’mara usually grants those who pledge their souls to her a single chance to escape from danger, but some cunning golk strike a deal with E’mara, pledging their souls to her in return for escape at a future date. E’mara grants increases to Wisdom and Dexterity. In additon, cultists can gain the Step into Shadows trait. Cult leaders and lucky individuals may gain the Path of E’mara trait.



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