Hate Bringer, The Crimson Titan


Portfolio: Hate, Ignorance, and Distrust

Signature Force: A literal spirit manifestation of himself. He uses the souls he buys from Corantus and use it to fuel what he calls The Shadow of Bo’den.

Cult of Bo’den

Goals: Physical prowess, domination of others through strength, destruction of all opposition.
Typical Cultist: Bandit, bandit captain, berserker, cult fanatic, cultist, gladiator, thug, tribal warrior, veterans.

Signature Spells:
Shillelagh (cantrip), wrathful smite (1st level), enhance ability (2nd level), aura of vitality (3rd level)

Bo’den deals especially with those who seek brute strength. Any warlike monster—such as orcs, ogres, and trolls—can be lured into Bo’den’s cult. Bo’den’s cultists typically form fighting companies and bandit gangs, proving their strength by defeating others in battle and taking what they want as loot. Bo’den grants increases to Strength and Constitution. In addition, cultists can gain the Crushing Blow trait. Cult leaders can also gain the Indomitable Strength trait.



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