The Shadow Temple

Burning the Shadows

The party was discovered and through some poor choice words a fight broke out between the students of the shadow temple and our adventurers.

Maximillion De Sand started things off with a bang, or rather, 3 well placed fireballs.

The party then backed up in the hallway and funneled the 64 enemies into the corridor.

Sol created a storm sphere and, joined with the casting of power of Arawn, casted Cloudkill in collaboration with Arawn’s Circle of Death. It made short works of the 35 ninjas, 10 assassins, and 14 Iron Heart Disciples. Lady Del Duska, of course, was in the mix, but she survived the attack on her temple and in the end allowed the adventurers to pass into the hidden doorway that leads into the Shadow Dark. However, Arawn didn’t go into the doorway like his friends. He stood defiantly at the doorway and challenged Lady Del Duska to Mortal Combat!



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