The Ruins of New Town

A First Quest and a Giant Serpent

The party were given orders to go and intercept a prize vessel to the North Western coast of the Mountains of Paleos. It was transporting guns from the Vicewing Kingdom to Whitesand Bay.

The party started right away and made great time with the assistance of seasonal weather. They came across an island in the distance. They went to the island and investigated. It turned out to be a lost Human colony called New Town, whose inhabitants seem to have vanished around 20 years ago (After the extermination by the Spartes), however there was no evidence of their disappearance. They went to a temple on a hill which housed a Wisp that told them that deep within the temple lurks a beast that ate all the inhabitants.

The party with the assistance of Capt. Jonathon Brisbane was able to slay the Spirit Naga. They know it will come back in less than a week, but they have no way of solving that problem now so they departed to go fetch the guns. They intercepted the vessel, successfully slowed the Vicewing Cutter vessel and ransacked it replace faulty guns on the Invidious and away they went.

On their way home they come across a floatilla of seaweed with a chest on it. Turns out to be a sahuagin trap that the party handles swiftly and scares most of them off. The chest was empty.



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