The Great Hunt

The Most Dangerous Game

The party was hired to hunt a Scorponid within the Great Scorponid Gulch. They found themselves in large area with the goal of hunting down a masterful hunting creature with the body of a scorpion and the claws of a tiger. As the party was crossing the Gulch, they came across a bridge. As the party crossed the bridge the Scorpion ran the Tibbit Rogue Rena through the stomach and left her for dead. After a quick burst of attacks, the Scorponid fled to strike again. The party searched, but it wasn’t till the 2nd ambush before they could get their sights on the Scorponid. The Scorponid attempted to slay Chun-tee the Monk, but only partial pierced her side. The party then jumped on the opportunity and slayed the monstrosity.
After milking the creature’s venom, they returned to Charles Thomson who then swiftly formed them a map of the astral leviathan’s breeding paths. The monk also learned about Swordsage and the party hopped on the Necromanta and away they went. :D



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