The Fall of Von Black

The Final Destination

After the defeat of the Shadow Temple, the party delved deep into the Shadow Dark. They had finally arrived to the secret cavern of the powerful God Slayer. Trudging through the darkness they finally found Von Black attempting to complete his master plan. The merge the Shadowfell and Material plane into a world of everlasting darkness. Where madness runs rampant, the Moon Elves are proclaimed the master race, and the Sun Elves kneel before the true High Elves of Merovia.

The party foiled this Storm Sorcerer’s Plans and slew him rather swiftly. Defeating him at last they used the anchor to return to the material plane. The Underdark passageway that it took them to allowed them to the return to the material plane and meet up at the High Magus School in Lunastia. Run by Leshara Nightfang.

The party had made a deal with their newest member, Maximillion De Sand and agreed to go on their final adventure together. To The Abyss to find E’mara and claim a mythical orb fragment and the soul of Arawn’s friend from before the adventure began (nearly 2 years ago in-game).

They ventured into The Abyss, and were escorted into E’mara’s dominion. With the surprise arrival and assistance of Zephestes, the party battled in the Shadow Mistress’s domain. Sol, the Cosmic Spell-Slinger used the book of vile darkness that Von Black had inscribed onto his body to Dominate E’mara’s mind and had her rip her own heart out. The party accomplished its missions and were sent back to the cavern where it all began. All the deeds had been done, all the quests compeleted and with that, many of them went on their way. To maybe find some peace, or what I suspect, new adventures that wait just around the corner.




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