The Belt of the Dread Emperor pt. 1

Getting There

The necromancer guild master High Grim Lucious Graveburn sent the party to go fetch something called the “Belt of the Dread Emperor”. Gave them direction to the temple, but didn’t tell them what it did or how it did it. The party arrived on the shores near the mountains, where this belt could be found.

They got to the temple and noticed that the Mystic Dwarves had beaten them too it. There was a big excavation underway and the site was guarded by easily 40 Mage Knights. The party realized that there is no way their getting in through the front door. They trap the way back to the ship and set out for their secondary objective.

On their way to the mine they come a cross a Goblin who is masquerading as a Crag Dwarf. Just a goblin illusionist, nothing special.



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