The Belt of the Dread Emeperor Pt. 3

Traversing the Lost Temple of Krematon

So, they entered the temple and evaded some traps as they traveresed this temple that was in complete darkness. As you know many races get Darkvision so it wasn’t too hard for them, but a few of the puzzles and traps had them stuck for a bit. Eventually they came across a library within the temple that had some interesting texts which I can explain at a later date. The party fought many armored ghouls and eventually a Skeletal T-rex that wore remnants of bardings. The party solved a bit more puzzles and made there way into a private sanctum. The sanctum was a large circular room that had a large black circular mirror positioned on the ground. It looked like it was made of obsidian, but it provided a much clearer reflection. The party noticed at the far end was a throne in which a being was sitting. He was slender, pale, and blue with all the garb of a powerful noble. He wore a few interested items as well as the belt they were looking for. Turns out this guy IS the Dread Emperor Octavian Vesmarias. This guy is neutral evil, but actually very humble and diplomatic (so long as things end in his favor). He agrees to relinquish the belt if the party places a rug (with a teleportation seal) within the Neo Prophetus guild catacombs.

The party also explains to him that the Mystic Dwarves outside are attempting to siege this place and take everything for their own gain. This dark master makes very short work of them and know that he has plans for the party, allows them to leave. (The mystic dwarves became more ghouls to fight for this evil dude). The party hops on their ship eventually and heads back to Black Anchor.

On the way, one of the books that the rogue took has an effect on him. It is a green tome with a large yellow eldritch seal on it (Emerald Tome of the Devourer). The rogue is cursed and has a vision in which he meets with Daoloth. I used all the information from Call of Cthulu’s new book that I showed you to craft the dream vision and the rogue agreed to sign up to start a new cult when he had the time, the agreement was that if the rogue failed to do so before he died. The body would become an avatar for Daoloth to puppet.

The party gets back to port and meets with the Guild Master High Grim, and they set up the portal. The Guild Master meets Octavian “The Dread Emperor” (Who scares the shit out of him) and they converse in Dark Speech in whispers that shake the entire complex. The Dread Emperor seems to have made a deal with the guild master and gives the belt to him. The party is unaware as to what has transpired, but they now see how wide the rivers of evil go. They and the Guild Master are merely standing in the wake of greater forces at work. We’ll see how they handle it.



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