The Astral Leviathans

You mean Lunar Whales?

After retrieving the coordinates, the party was on their way…

After a few days they came across a solo Astral Leviathan who was on his way to the mating grounds not too far from their. The party speaks with the Leviathan and informs him that they need one of his eyes, the Leviathan is understanding and says that he they escort him their he would allow them to have one of his 16 eyes.

They were soon attacked by creatures that have been hunting for quite a while, Astral Sharks. The sharks were furocious and tore at the Necromanta, but the party defeated the Astral Sharks rather quickly.

Note: This was the first time Arawn was eaten and regurgiated onto T’sulo, the Crusader.

The party defeated the sharks and completed their escort mission, but not after convincing the Astral Leviathans that their species’ name was something that people feared and if they meant well they should call themselves the Lunar Whales, the Leviathans agreed and after the party recieved the eye they had been after, the party returned to the Material Plane.

Soon after returning they contacted AbĂ©lard LeBlanc, who created they gate that he promised and allowed the party to teleport to a small island in the far south. The island that held the Cavern of Storms… The temple of the late ex-god Velox



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