Temple of Ferdin

Dwarven Sins

The party took a voyage to a cove into the Isle of Crythia and found their way to Blackhelm.

They were on the hunt for a pair of blades that they had learned about via Lost Arms of Mighty Men

This was the first time, in a long while that Tazar Stoneblood had returned to his race’s land. His town was forsaken by them, so it wasn’t too much of a homecoming, but it did remind him of the importance of his journey and the stand he has to make. They geared up, and headed to the abandoned temple to Ferdin. They ventured into it’s depths.

Through traps, necrotic oozes, and hidden passages, they made their way. After a few floors they made their way to the third level of the basement, one not committed to the makers of the world.



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