Temple and Blood

Shadow of An Empire

Beneath the temple of Ferdin lays a temple to Ensatus. The party uncovered a temple of different architecture including a river of blood. The party uncovered a few passages that revealed statues of the 4 major families of Crythia: Forgekin, Lazeren, Goldbrow, and Gemseeker. Each statue wore one similar item. An Amulet to Ensatus.

The party deduced that the major dwarven clans that would one day unite the majority of them under one banner were worshipers of Ensatus. Skulltaker was a devout follower of Ferdin, thus his tomb is located beneath it, however, it seems that the ‘Twin Razors’ were actually made as relics of Ensatus. Sadly, Skulltaker had no idea that his gladiatorial winnings were really sending the souls of men and beasts to ‘The Claimer’.

The party eventually found the resting of place of Koth Skulltaker and had to fight his wraith. The remnants of the mighty warrior, undefeated in gladiatorial combat.



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