Strangers in Fiction

Start again in Sapphire Port

Approaching the sealed gates to the Onyx Pits, Iliphar, Tazar, and Morthos see that there are a couple armed guards out front and they seem to be restricting access. Approaching the guards: they inform them that they have been sealed against the dissident houses, and the goblin threat. If they want access, they will be required to acquire a pass signed by either the king or the head of the guard.

Returning to Blackhelm to speak with the head of the guard, Iliphar receives a letter by raven. The letter explains that it is incredibly important to return to Sapphire Port with extreme haste. Iliphar and company have been summoned by Chancellor Mira Strongtide on the subject of diplomatic negotiations. Morthos has also been summoned by the Academy of Magicka.

Tazar knew that Iliphar and Morthos would leave Blackhelm and probably would not return for a very long time, if ever. Tazar told the other two that he would be staying; he has come this far and it’s his duty as a Stoneblood to take back his lands and redeem his families name. Not for the city, but for himself. Tazar left the group and ventured forth into the Onyx Pits on his own as Iliphar and Morthos were bound for Sapphire Port.

Time Skip:


Morthos and Iliphar, by the sailing of Captain Brisbane on the Invictus, you arrive in Sapphire port. The waters are choppier than the last time you were here. The sky is overcast, and the smell of rain is heavy. The cobble streets and wood docks seem to beg for the rain as the wind steadily pick up. The bazaar on the docks seem to be extending their awnings and they don coats of furs and leathers. The common folk seem to retreat into their homes and the dock help continue to work steadily to get through with their chores by days end. They suspect it may be near noon, but the sky makes it difficult to gauge.

Nyoko, Oliphine and Malak, depart from the carriages riding from Aestra. Each are familiar with this town. It’s the largest port in the Republic of Aestra and is ruled by Chancellor Mira Strongtide. The carriage rides were paid for by their patrons respectively and the driver waves you off as you each descend on your own into the city. To find a Lupin gunslinger and Sun Elf Druid respectively.

As the vessel docks and the crew makes to unload, Morthos leaps from the ship deck onto the docks and makes a bee line for the Pearl Smile. A dry place he can trust. In tow walks an unamused and stoic elf. They both arrive rather quickly to the Pearl Smile. You notice that tonight Thomas Danton is not lending the bar his normal charades and the bar is calm and quiet.

Nyoko, recalled a story of a rather fine inn that is hospitable too all races and is near the center of town. He makes his way toward the town center and sees a large fountain. It depicts the goddess Peliphene as she seems to be fighting off a large many headed serpent. In her hands she holds a mighty scepter and the waves trickle water down into a basin.

Olaphine, knows that a well known informant for the Pale Masks is a frequenter of an inn in Sapphire port called the Pearl Smile. His name is Thomas Danton and he is famous in the Thieves guild for being a smooth operator. She knows that if you are in search of getting a hold of Violet, he is the man who can get her there.

Malak De Valore. Spotting a few of the other travelers from the carriage, he followed their lead. He arrived after a short walk to an inn. It is a humble wooden building on the outside, the logs are stacked laterally around giving a homely yet modern look. The roof is angled equally on both sides and with a splash of cream on the shudders.

Each of them knew that they have meetings through various sectors in town. Morthos is to meet with a mage at the magic academy. Iliphar is to meet with Mira Strongtide once he is prepared. Nyoko is in search of a Lupin and a Sun Elf who are to lead him to a light that will protect the world. Olaphine is to meet with Violet. Malak De Valore …..

The first crack of thunder rumbles in the distance as Malak closes the door to the inn behind him. The sound of heavy rain begins to play it’s song on the city.

Suddenly the door swings open and a drenched Thomas Danton enters the Pearl Smile, with a large grin on his face and breathing heavily. “You guys beat me here, more of you then I was expecting though.”

Thomas Danton discusses the following:

Mira Strongtide has an important errand for this band.

“We were able to fend off the Mystic Dwarf’s attack on the far reach of the Lunastia Confederacy, however we have not put a stop to their plans. Mira will send you on an urgent mission to the Blood Isles. You are to muster yourselves and head once again south. It has come to our attention that sinister forces are being mustered at Bloodstain Keep. It is evident that the Crimson Scourge intends to amass a naval force of his Obsidian Brethren and attack the Bloodchief to the south. The current ruler of the Lands of Kataiga. As allies, we have been contacted by a concerned third party. This time you will not be traveling by ship, it’s too dangerous. We have something of greater speed in mind.”

The party then ran about town finishing a few things. Malak bought an elven longsword, Iliphar remet with the druids and acquired a few things, Oliphine tried to uncover more about the Blood Isles, and Morthos went to the magic school. Morthos found out that the dog he bought in the Lunastia Confederacy is actually a disguised hound with 4 eyes and skeletal like features. A force of death has been trailling alongside him for a long time. What could it mean? Avander Strongtide thinks this is what calls magic to his guns, and why he can’t comprehend the spellbook he gifted him.

Eventually the party met with Mira Strongtide on the following day,

“Merovia calls for your aid this day. Forces are mustering on the shores of Bloodstain keep and we must do what is necessary to prevent a full scale invasion. It seems the Crimson Scourge has called Mercenaries from around the world to band together and siege Port Trasif. Your mission is to go south and prevent the staging from beginning. Speak to the Magic Academy here and they will aid you in getting to the isles in a swift manner. You are being sent to eliminate the Crimson Scourge and remove the Obsidian Brethren from power.”

The mission is as follows:

“You will be teleported just south of the city and will need to infiltrate the keep under the cover of nightfall. It will be heavily guarded, but once you are inside, be sure to destroy the bridge. No one must escape the keep. Prevent all outgoing messages. We have a militia in place that will eliminate the mercenaries that intend on heading south to join the fight. If you do your job, the Spartes can do theirs.”



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