Returning to the Cavern of Storms

Never Doubt the Worm

Rena, the Tibbit, had been to the Cavern of Storms a few months back, but that was during the time of the secondary campaign.

So Rena and friends delved into the Cavern of Storms to find that the obelisks had shattered, that the ceiling had caved in in certain areas, and new residents had taken up the space, replacing the Lizardfolk society that had lived here a few months ago. The new residents were Mind Flayers and a Gargantuan Purple Worm.

The party met a Fellian Cleric of Velox who, do to the Crusader’s loudness, was attacked by the burrowing Purple Worm and had a leg taken by it. The Crusader heals the gentlemen, the party informed the Cleric that his diety had died and that was probably why there was no wind near this holy place and why the birds had fallen out of the sky like balloons of blood. The Cleric is convinced to follow Ensatus and shortly after this, the Cleric they had met is eaten by the Purple Worm who came back for seconds.

The party, surprised by this great burrowing monstrosity, explored and slayed their fair amount of Mind Flayer and Quagoths. Chun-tee and Rena had an argument about Rena’s compulsive thieving and eventually they made their way deep into the cavern where they entered the final chamber of the cavern. Arawn cast levitate and threw a Quagoth at the Purple Worm, the Purple Worm at it in a single bite and the fight began. The party eventually slayed the Purple Worm, but not before Arawn was swallowed for the 2nd time and the Crusader hacked at the Purple Worm and got it to regurgitate the late Cleric’s bones and Arawn all over him. T’sulo is swiftly eaten after and this marked the end of the great Crusader’s career in the name of the God of War.

The party tied off a rope on the edge of a crag and made their journey into the Underdark, to continue their hunt for the Godslayer.



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