Murder at 15,000 Feet

The First of its Kind

Upon arriving in New Lunastia, the party was invited on a flight by the residing noble, Ambassador Peng Lim Wan. It was the day of his birth and the following evening he would be on the maiden voyage of the first airship ever constructed. The ambassador had invited many nobles that had an unsavory opinion of him as sign of good faith. See the guest list at the bottom.

During the first evening, the Ambassador and Logan Battleborn get in a heated game of craps and Battleborn faults the Ambassador for being a “Knife-eared cheating noble! All elves are filthy cheats!” and wanders off. The High Priest steps in a plays a bit with Ambassador Wan and they have a pleasant evening. The first night draws to a close as the airship approaches a storm ahead. Thunder rumbles around them as it is uncovered that in the dead of night, the Ambassador was killed. The party begins to investigate.

It is uncovered that even though most people had a strong motive, the scent of lavender leads to them believe that either the High Priest or his clergy committed the crime. After ferociously following the leads, they uncover that it was the paladin, Sir Lim Hae Steelcloud. The party quickly eliminated him and tossed the body overboard.

They follow up by assuring that the ambassador’s belongings are inherited by Boulderfist, and they eventually arrive in Sapphire Port a day or so later.



Ambassador of New Lunastia, Lorenzo is tall, black-haired half-elf with green eyes. He bears little love for the Church of Lycrayne for he suspects corruption in all religions, but he seeks peace for the people of his homeland, whose blood has too long soaked the fields of war. He is on his way to Sapphire Port to strengthen ties with the Republic of Aestra and the council.

High Priest Song Hyo Wolfgaze

Opposing Sapphire Port’s ambassador, High Priest Song Hyo Wolfgaze is a Night Elf who seeks to use his influence in his city’s church to sway the people of New Lunastia to stand by him so he can overthrow Ambassador Peng Lim Wan. High Priest Song Hyo Wolfgaze is on his way to Sapphire Port to start a new Church of Lycrayne. He has recently endured an unsuccessful campaign attempt. He is pious and his hair resembles that of a raven. Secretly: Summons beasts to fight in armies across the land and is in the pocket of the Waylock house. 

Logan Batteborn

House Battleborn and representative of Kataiga. He has been sent to the Republic of Aestra in order to see if there are any resources that the spartes could find useful. He is also to confirm whether or not they could become an enemy in the future. He is very untrusting of elves. Logan is a blue-hued black haired Spartes with a temper to match his ruler and a penchant for gambling. When his missives go missing, his anger threatens unrest until they are found. 


& Squire Lin Pho Twinkle 

Bodyguards of High Priest Song Hyo Wolfgaze. Stoic and stalwart zealots of the Church of Lycrayne. Lim Hae’s black locks flow about his sturdy shoulders, and his eyes are a cool gray. Twinkle’s hair is cropped nearly scalp short, and her long face is a stranger to smiles. Her lithe body is indicative of her dedication to harsh training in the arts of war. 


A goblin barbarian, Ambassador Peng Lim Wan’s chief bodyguard. He always seems to give attitude when Wan gives him orders and often ignores him if possible. Secretly: He was saved by Ambassador Peng Lim Wan during the Goblin and Sun War. He is just naturally a dick. 

Joseph North

Legendary explorer, relic hunter, and braggart, North is an egomaniac with no compunction against lying, cheating, and stealing his way to glory. Knowledge (History/Local) 15 DC, they would know of a book called, “The Paradox of Harpies, which details a theory that all Harpies originated as mermaids, and a book series entitled, Why Do Dragons Sneeze, I’ll Tell You because I was There.” Secretly: He was hoping that Ambassador Wan would die and he would try to jump onto the scene and solve everything, so he will be known as the one to solve the death. 

Sea Baron Krot Steeleye

The dashing, arrogant, and ambitious crag dwarf pirate has his eye on Ambassador Peng Lim Wan’s control over the exports of their ports and has been trying to secure his position for years through backdoor organization. 

Jackrin, Skrakes, and Meldin

Baron Krot Steeleye’s bodyguards. 

Todd Binder

Tibbit commoner, he is known to have afforded this ship ride by selling his homestead in New Lunastia. He says his drives are to move to Sapphire Port and start a new life as a student at the magic school. Secretly: Part of the Blood Cats, killing the Ambassador will prevent him from taking up the mantle when Mira Strongtide dies.



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