Helping the Defenseless

Moon Rats

Finally they decided on a plan haha. So, they met a bunch of cool characters today. A Monster Hunter Half-Crag Dwarf/Half-Spartes veteran named Corbin Sinscar, they met a paladin of Paleos named Phillip Carmine and his Squire Joseph Baker. After doing a bunch of city exploration, they met a barkeep who has a Giant Rat infestation problem.

They party went down and started eliminating them. When the last rat was trying to escape, it runs into a band of moon light that slides through the cracks in the roof. The rat stops and speaks to the party. It turns out he is a Moon Rat. They are giant rats that become hyper Intelligent in moonlight.

The party saves a bunch of the rats from bleeding out and they investigate why they went feral. They got stuck in this basement when they burrowed and fled from their home (The cave collapsed behind them when they got there). Their home was near the center of the island. The Moon Rats were attacked by an Adult Onyx dragon and were kicked out.

The party convinced Phillip Carmine and Corbin Sinscar, as well as the necromancer Coriban Shadetongue and their witch stalker Han Moonwind to come with them and kill the dragon. They succeeded and got Moon Rat’s their homes back.

Their home is full of moonstones that allow them to keep their intelligence during the day from light coming through a hole in the roof. Good stuff



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