Call to War

Blood and Magic

The party received a letter from the Sun Elves that in short, assured the Captain that his crew would 200,000 Gold pieces in order to command a naval defense of a Moon Elf city. The Mystic Dwarves were going to attack the city in order to gain a foothold and would then use it’s shores as a staging ground to attack the Sun Elves.

The party eventually showed up, planned the defense which was one explosive decoy ship and waiting until the Dwarves came ashore and the party proceeded to blow up their vessels. The party came from behind as the city defended and they slowly won the battle. The Mystic Dwarves were taken out, but the Moon Elf Lord of Bilush died. The head of the Waylock Crime family, Noxmarus Waylock staged the death of the Mystic Dwarf Archmage and will now become the next lord of Bilush. A few other things happened, but that’s about it.

The party prevented an all out war, and suspect the Sun Elves are now planning a counter attack to show the Mystic Dwarves who’s boss. There are political reasons for the Mystic Dwarves wanting to attack the Sun Elves. Both to hoard arcane knowledge and because of a certain time traveler, [[:ling-xu | Ling Xu [Retired]], the Sun Elves refused the trade agreement. The Dwarves took it personally and had planned to take the knowledge by force. Han Moonwind who was helping out the party joined up with Noxmarus Waylock in order to find a solution to his contractual obligation to Doaloth. A Lupin Gunslinger showed up on the scene of the fight and is know part of the party.

The Letter:

To Whom it May Concern,

The following information is classified and can only be read by you. After an attempt, ventured by a privately hired squad failed to slow the approach of an Oraclusian Kingdom attack directed at the Lunastia Confederacy, we are forced to withdraw our forces from any secondary objectives. Your orders for the council is as follows.
1) Inform Captain Brisbane that he will be afforded a sum of 200,000 gold pieces and the command of a fleet of 5 smaller vessels for the purposes of this mission.
2) The crew of the Invidious will rendezvous with our allied vessels on the Eastern Coast of the Lunastia Confederacy at the port in Bilush within a month.
3) Your job will be to wait until the Oraclusian Kingdom makes their attack on the City of Bilush. They will attempt to occupy that region and utilize the facilities at the Magus College in order to approach us in a shorter time. Zaito Treehand and Archmage Leshara Nightfang will provide a sufficient defense for the city during the initial attack. When the attack has started and the ships of the enemy are docked, a beacon will fire into the sky. It will be imperative to strike with haste once the signal has been lit. You will destroy their vessels and then assist the fighters on the beachhead.
Once the mission is complete and Bilush is secure, have the Invidious make it’s way to Sapphire Port and they will be justly rewarded with the gold mentioned previously and high honors will be bestowed onto you.

The Council



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