A Stout Conspiracy

A Country for Old Men

They put the soul of Koth Skulltaker to rest and went on their way after uncovering the blades.

The party then searched the southern tip of this floor and found a blood cultist who was attempting to dedicate this temple to Alegra, however the party kicked their butt, but the mysterious mage disappeared via teleportation, before becoming too bloodied. Who the person was? It’s unclear.

The party then went back to town to try to dig deeper into the conspiracy. They consulted the expert at the museum, but the archivist said that their is no record of any crag dwarven clan with ties to Ensatus.

Frustrated the party went on to speak with the old Lead Commander of the Granite-Guard Unified Army. This old man spoke to them about the issue at great length and told them that there was not much to be done. It was also uncovered that the Stoneblood clan knew of the sinister ties to the war god, and thusly refused uniting with them. This created a lack of trust between the unified dwarves and a few splintered clans. They refused to grant aid when the goblins attacked Stoneblood soil.

The party convinced him that he should have his tale written and released, allow Dwarvenkind to decide their own faith. He said that there is only one he would trust to write such a tale, and have it released upon his death. A Human writer who’s name he has forgotten, but resides in the Astral Plane. The rumored last Human.

The party has decided that they will deal with the Stoneblood clan’s lands first, and then make their way in search of a guide to the Astral Plane.



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