A Drunken Scurry

A Prologue of Sorts

The rickety wagon continues making it’s way from Whitesand Bay. It has been a while since you left the Bay and each of you are looking forward to arriving in Port Trasif by night fall. From the rumors, that’s the best time to arrive anyway. The wagon is one of four that are traveling together. Two of the wagons are for travelers, 6 each. The other two are transporting goods. Each one is manned by a Spartes stage coach and is manned non-stop until the destination is reached. Spartes resilience should be noted. Around noon, the carriage patron pulls out the last of the rations and begins to distribute them. The food is once again dried meats, an orange each, and water from a large reserve. It’s rather passable, when all of a sudden the cart slows to a stop. The other two carts who were carrying supplies seem to speed by as the drivers call-out to each other in the languages of drakes.

Peaking out the window of the carriage, you see that the Spartes driver, an older man, has fallen from the cart and seems to have shattered. As if his likeness had been turned to marble and he had fallen from his pedestal.

The party realizes that they have been ambushed by Basilisks. They create remedies from the stash of ingredients that the chariot had in-stock for this exact reason. Turns out they knew about the occupation of Basilisks in the area, but if they mentioned it, it would be bad for business.

The party slays the basilisks, saves their driver and even their paladin Yorvarax Ragnar who got turned to stone almost immediately.

The weather is warm, the breezes balmy! The water, calm, and crystal clear.
You have arrived to Port Trasif. It is the port in the southern reaches of the Lands of Kataiga, the Spartes homeland. Port Trasif is a major market for fencing plunder from the Crimson Isles, to the south, and this often leads to exciting events and equivocal debauchery.
It should be noted that those who go to Port Trasif are interested in trade, the sins of the tavern, adultery, information, or sea fairing. The Crimson Isles are becoming infamous for their activity through the exploits of Jack Venom and his ship The Far Sea.

As you enter the port for the first time or the hundredth time, the culture is always evolving from the import of information, artifacts, stories, and swag.

There is word that in the Rusted Saber Inn, there is a rising captain named Jonathon Brisbane and his ship, the Invidious who is looking to acquire a new crew for some mysterious journey.

Part of the Party signs in a drunken stupor and the others joined for the thrills.



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